Multilevel Networks Analysis on European External Trade Policy-making

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This thesis consists of four sections. It aims at outlining the characteristics of multilevel governance approach and policy network approach, comparing the diversity of theoretical propositions, examining the combined characteristics and analytical framework of multilevel networks approach. This theoretical approach then has been contextualized in the studies of EU external trade policymaking. More specifically, the first section emphasizes the multilevel characteristic of European governance as the structural foundation of European trade policymaking. The second section introduces the explication and the levels of analysis of policy networks and the applicability of integrated policy networks to European policy studies. This section emphasizes the network characteristic of public/private interactions in European trade policymaking. The third section introduces the analytical framework of multilevel networks approach based on the combination of multilevel governance and policy networks approaches. The fourth section analyzes the applicability of multilevel networks approach to European trade policymaking studies, which lead us to the analysis on European trade policymaking in the future.
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