A Holistic Impact-Assessment Framework for Green ICT

Pusapati Anand RAJU, Sven Johan Lindmark, Simon Delaere, Pieter Ballon

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This paper proposes a holistic impact assessment framework that incorporates the high-level policy,
standardization and industrial issues while also accounting for low-level direct and indirect impacts generated by engagingin Green ICT usage and implementation. The framework is applied to a specific instantiation of a European project - CONSERN. Doing so we made an attempt to validate the framework and identify substantial economic and environmental impacts, due to improved energy efficiency and reduced energy consumption. We also established the interconnectedness of these impacts, as they are in turn in line with the objectives of current policies, industrial strategies, and could have an impact on current standardisation efforts.
Originele taal-2English
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TijdschriftIT Professional
Nummer van het tijdschriftJanuary/February 2013
StatusPublished - feb 2013


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