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The present study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of a resilience development intervention, set up around regular exposure to increased pressure. This intervention adopted a quasi-experimental design, delivered within an elite female basketball academy. The mixed methods evaluation combined individual and team resilience measures with semi-structured interviews with athletes and coaches. Quantitative results demonstrated that the intervention was effective in reducing team level vulnerabilities. Qualitative evaluations indicated that the intervention led to increased awareness, emerging leadership, stronger communication channels, and the development and execution of collective plans. Furthermore, potential avenues for intervention improvement were also addressed Lay Summary: This study aimed to test a resilience training intervention based on pressure exposure during practice. Results within a female elite basketball academy indicated that both athletes and coaches believed the team became more resilient to in-game stressors and less susceptible to team-level vulnerabilities.

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TijdschriftJournal of Applied Sport Psychology
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StatusPublished - 4 mrt 2021


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