A Model for Measuring Open Access Adoption and Usage Behavior of Health Sciences Faculty Members

Frederik Questier, Edda Tandi Lwoga

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The study sought to investigate factors that affect the adoption and use of open access in Tanzanian health sciences universities. Based on the social exchange theory (SET), and the unified theory of acceptance and use of technology (UTAUT), the study developed a model suitable for assessing open access adoption and usage in academic institutions. The validated model demonstrated that facilitating conditions, extrinsic benefits (professional recognition), behavioural intention and individual characteristics (professional rank, technical skills and number of publications) influenced actual usage of open access. Other factors related to contextual factors (attitude, and open access culture), and extrinsic benefits (academic reward, accessibility and preservation) influenced behavioural intention to use open access. Fear to violate publisher's copyright policies and effort expectancy however de-motivated faculty to adopt open access, while copyright concerns inhibited faculty's actual usage of open access.
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TitelXIII Mediterranean Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing 2013
RedacteurenRoa Romero, Laura M.
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StatusPublished - 2013
EvenementUnknown - Seville, Spain
Duur: 25 sep 201328 sep 2013

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Roa Romero, Laura M.


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