A new definition of the Dosen's principle

Francesca Poggiolesi

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There is currently a flourish of different logics. The original Gentzen sequent
calculus has often been modified in order to provide each of these logics with
a proof system. Nevertheless not all kind of modifications should be allowed
but just those which preserve the philosophical and formal importance of
Gentzen system. This is the reason why since the 90's some authors as Avron
(1996), Indrezejczak (1997), and Wansing (1994), have tried to make a list of
properties which characterize what is a good sequent calculus. Indeed these
properties limit the type of changes applicable to the original sequent calculus
and therefore guarantee, if respected, the correctness of any new proof system.
Amongst these properties there is one which has been proposed by Dosen (1989)
and which is nowadays known as Dossen's principle. This paper will be dedicated
to the analysis of such property.
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NaamA new definition of the Dosen's principle

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