A Professional Personality Is Pivotal in Plastic Surgery Residency

Maxim Geeroms, Julia Augusta Guimarães Dourado, Sam El Abbadi, Daan De Cock, Ayush Kapila

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The selection of the appropriate resident for a plastic surgery training program is a complex task based on variable factors. These factors include criteria which can be perceived as objective or subjective and which are related to a candidate’s personality, communication skills, work ethic, surgical skills, academic curriculum, extra-curricular activities, and demographic profile. The presented study is aimed at identifying the primary selection criteria which are being taken into consideration by plastic surgery trainers. A survey was distributed to 95 plastic surgeons who are employed in Belgium or the Netherlands and who are involved in resident selection and training. Respondents were asked to rate the importance of 31 parameters in terms of relevance for plastic surgery residency and to pick the five parameters that they take into consideration the most for resident selection. According to 42 respondents, honesty and professional reliability are the most appreciated factors, followed by responsibility, pro-active attitude, and communication skills. In general, subjective parameters were more influential than scientific accomplishments and exam results. As the trainer’s experience increased, a candidate’s artistic skills, family situation, and activities outside of the hospital gained more importance, while younger trainers prefer to search for efficiency, punctuality, and multi-tasking ability. In conclusion, favorable personality traits are key determinants in the selection of a medical graduate for plastic surgery training. The decision-makers’ experience affects the desired profile and influences the composition of the future resident team.

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TijdschriftIndian Journal of Surgery
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Vroegere onlinedatum13 dec 2022
StatusPublished - okt 2023

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