The global aging population faces significant health challenges, including an increasing vulnerability to disability due to natural aging processes. Wearable lower limb exoskeletons (LLEs) have emerged as a promising solution to enhance physical function in older individuals. This systematic review synthesizes the use of LLEs in alignment with the WHO’s healthy aging vision, examining their impact on intrinsic capacities and functional abilities. We conducted a comprehensive literature search in six databases, yielding 36 relevant articles covering older adults (65+) with various health conditions, including sarcopenia, stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, osteoarthritis, and more. The interventions, spanning one to forty sessions, utilized a range of LLE technologies such as Ekso®, HAL®, Stride Management Assist®, Honda Walking Assist®, Lokomat®, Walkbot®, Healbot®, Keeogo Rehab®, EX1®, overground wearable exoskeletons, Eksoband®, powered ankle–foot orthoses, HAL® lumbar type, Human Body Posturizer®, Gait Enhancing and Motivation System®, soft robotic suits, and active pelvis orthoses. The findings revealed substantial positive outcomes across diverse health conditions. LLE training led to improvements in key performance indicators, such as the 10 Meter Walk Test, Five Times Sit-to-Stand test, Timed Up and Go test, and more. Additionally, enhancements were observed in gait quality, joint mobility, muscle strength, and balance. These improvements were accompanied by reductions in sedentary behavior, pain perception, muscle exertion, and metabolic cost while walking. While longer intervention durations can aid in the rehabilitation of intrinsic capacities, even the instantaneous augmentation of functional abilities can be observed in a single session. In summary, this review demonstrates consistent and significant enhancements in critical parameters across a broad spectrum of health conditions following LLE interventions in older adults. These findings underscore the potential of LLE in promoting healthy aging and enhancing the well-being of older adults.
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