Accretion disks in Algols: Progenitors and evolution

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Context. There are only a few Algols with measured accretion disk parameters. These measurements provide additional constraints for tracing the origin of individual systems, narrowing down the initial parameter space.

Aims. We investigate the origin and evolution of six Algol systems with accretion disks to find the initial parameters and evolutionary constraints for them.

Methods. With a modified binary evolution code, series of close binary evolution are calculated to obtain the best match for observed individual systems.

Results. Initial parameters for six Algol systems with accretion disks were determined matching both the present system parameters and the observed disk characteristics.

Conclusions. When Roche lobe overflow (RLOF) starts during core hydrogen burning of the donor, the disk lifetime was found to be short. The disk luminosity is comparable to the luminosity of the gainer during a large fraction of the disk lifetime.
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StatusPublished - 19 aug 2016


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