Acoustic Emission in Plate-Like Structures

Theodore Matikas, Dimitrios Angelis

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Structural elements commonly obtain plate geometries. This is usual in aeronautics, automotive, naval
applications and at the same time becomes more and more common in civil engineering with the expansion
in the use of lightweight panels and fibrous media over bulk concrete. Acoustic emission (AE) is typically
applied on these geometries yielding excellent results in laboratory and industrial conditions. The plate
geometries however, create some specificities compared to bulk geometries. These are mainly related to
the conditions of wave propagation since “plate wave dispersion” is exhibited, resulting in strong change
of the acoustic signals as they propagate through the material. This influences the received AE waveforms
rendering the study of “Lamb waves” of paramount importance in case someone wishes to go into detail in
the characterization of plate structures based on their AE behavior. The present chapter offers a firm
theoretical basis for guided waves, demonstrates dispersion and tries to examine its influence compared to
bulk media from the AE point of view. Several basic applications of AE in plates are given to exhibit the
level of the state of the art in laboratory and practice and where it can be further pushed.
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TitelAcoustic Emission Testing
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StatusPublished - 2021

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