Active Ageing and participation in the residential care setting: a qualitative exploration.

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Active Ageing (AA) (WHO, 2002) is a relatively new, but increasingly important concept in gerontology. The word 'active' in AA refers to "continuing participation in social, economic, cultural, spiritual and civic affairs" (WHO, 2002). At present, research on AA in the residential care is still missing.

Our study examines how the AA concept can be translated to the residential care. Here we focus on the conceptualization of continuing participation.

Four semi-structured focus groups -nursing home-residents; children of nursing home residents; community-dwelling older people; experts with a Master in Gerontology - were composed through purposive sampling. A thematic analysis was conducted based on an open coding with in vivo codes.

Respondents reported that AA and participation are considered as important in the nursing home. In the residential care setting, participation can be seen on different levels. On the individual level, the residents still need to stay in control of their own life and care. On the level of the nursing home, the residents need to be activated, by promoting self-care and making them feel useful. Participation can also be achieved by giving the residents a voice in the functioning of the nursing home. Self-efficacy must be stimulated. On society-level; participation can also be linked to social integration. Residents have a persisting desire to have social contacts. This can be for example supported and encouraged by integrating the nursing home and the neighbourhood.

In conclusion, AA also appears to be important in the residential care setting. The continuing participation of the older resident seems to be a key factor of AA in the residential care and can be conceptualized by letting residents taking control of their own life, by stimulating the activation of the resident (empowerment) and by stimulating social integration.

World Health Organisation, Active Ageing: a policy framework. 2002, World Health Organisation.
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