Addressing privacy and public values in online platforms: Future challenges

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The paper discusses how Media and Communication Studies (MCS) enriches the research on privacy and data protection in mediated communication. Especially as the latter is increasingly digitised, commodified and submerged in everyday life, the challenges increase of how to safeguard accountability in systems, public values in digital governance and empowerment of citizens in society. Starting from mutual articulation between artefacts, practices and socio-economic arrangements, we critically analyse the material and symbolic facets of data-driven media and communication.
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StatusPublished - 5 okt 2018
EvenementAmsterdam Privacy Conference 2018 - Roeterseiland, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Duur: 5 okt 20188 okt 2018


ConferenceAmsterdam Privacy Conference 2018
Verkorte titelAPC 2018
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Session I ‘Enabling user agency’ in Track 5 ‘Personalized Communication and Behavioural Engineering’


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