Adverse outcome pathways mechanistically describing hepatotoxicity

Ellen Callewaert, Jochem Louisse, Nynke Kramer, Julen Sanz-Serrano, Mathieu Vinken

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Adverse outcome pathways (AOPs) describe toxicological processes from a dynamic perspective by linking a molecular initiating event to a specific adverse outcome via a series of key events and key event relationships. In the field of computational toxicology, AOPs can potentially facilitate the design and development of in silico prediction models for hazard identification. Various AOPs have been introduced for several types of hepatotoxicity, such as steatosis, cholestasis, fibrosis, and liver cancer. This chapter provides an overview of AOPs on hepatotoxicity, including their development, assessment, and applications in toxicology.
Originele taal-2English
TitelMethods in Molecular Biology: Computational Toxicology: Methods and Protocols
RedacteurenOrazio Nicolotti
UitgeverijSpringer Protocols
Aantal pagina's40
StatusAccepted/In press - 9 jan 2024


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