Aerospace coatings

Peter Visser, Herman Terryn, Johannes M C Mol

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Aircraft are complex multi-material structures that are optimized for strength to weight ratio, fatigue properties and operational performance. Corrosion control is an important aspect in the aerospace industry. Therefore, active protective coatings are an important part of the corrosion protection scheme within the aircraft design. This chapter provides an overview of the field of aerospace coatings, the different types of coatings and their role in the corrosion protection scheme. Active corrosion protection is a key feature of these coatings. For decades, the aerospace industry has been relying on hexavalent chromate as the active corrosion inhibiting species. The industry is facing an enormous challenge because this toxic material needs to be replaced by environmentally-friendly alternatives. This chapter provides a review of the challenges and developments towards hexavalent chromium free coating systems and it provides insight in the current status and trends in the industry of aerospace coatings and discusses the new approaches and corrosion inhibiting strategies towards chromate-free active protective coating systems.
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TitelActive Protective Coatings
SubtitelNew-Generation Coatings for Metals
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