Amai! Co-creating AI-based solutions for societal challenges

Karen Verstraelen, Annelies Duerinckx, Kristien Rombouts, Jef Van Laer, Winnie Himpe, Alexander Torfs, Pieter Duysburgh, Michiel Vaes, Carina Veeckman

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The project “amai!” (“Oh my” in Flemish) implements citizen science methods to co-develop solutions using artificial intelligence (AI) for societal challenges. The project looks for AI solutions in the field of mobility, climate, health, and work, and with the overarching theme of digital inclusion. Citizens and citizen organisations are included in the entire development process of the AI solutions, from sharing their initial ideas and co-defining solutions, to selecting proposals to receive funding to implement the solution, and involvement in the training of the AI solutions. The target audience is people not primarily interested in AI but who are interested in solving societal issues. Citizens are also invited to take part in other activities, such as using creative AI tools and playing the amai! card game. This contribution gives an overview of the approach of amai! and touches upon valuable discussions on this approach during the poster session of the Engaging Citizen Science Conference 2022 in Aarhus, Denmark.

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StatusPublished - 16 dec 2022
EvenementECSA Conference 2022 - Berlin, Germany
Duur: 5 okt 20228 okt 2022


ConferenceECSA Conference 2022

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We would like to thank the organisers of the Engaging Citizen Science Conference 2022 for the opportunity to present our poster and have valuable discussions on the approach of the project. We also thank STEM-organisation Brightlab for their input regarding education and how to involve children in the project. Furthermore, we thank the Flemish department of Economy, Science and Innovation for supporting amai! as part of the Flanders AI programme. Finally, we thank all other stakeholders taking part in the project, including all citizens sharing their ideas and views with us.

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  • citizen science
  • artificial intelligence
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