An Analytical Amplitude Model for Negative Pressure Waves in Gaseous Media

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The negative pressure wave propagation method is an established Structural HealthMonitoring (SHM) technique to locate leakages and defects in pipelines. The amplitudeof negative pressure waves can be exploited to obtain information about the severity ofthe damage (e.g. leak flow rate and leak area) and are useful to determine the smallestdetectable leakage flow rate of the negative pressure wave method. The current manu-script proposes an analytical amplitude model of negative pressure waves in gaseousmedia. The isentropic fluid equations that represent the leak phenomena are combinedwith acoustical equations expressing the generation of the negative pressure waves. Thepresented model has been experimentally validated over a broad range of pressurizationcases, gaseous media, leak sizes and pipe diameter. The derivation of the model providesinsight in the physics behind the occurring phenomenon while the model reveals allparameters affecting the negative pressure wave amplitude. It is derived that, dependingon the pressurization type, a different formulation has to be used to predict the amplitudeof the negative pressure waves. The amplitude model is, in view of its applications, bothpresented in function of the leakage flow rate as well as in function geometrical size ofthe leak.
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