An automated impactor setup for the Resonalyser under influence of temperature

Massimo Bottiglieri, Hugo Sol

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In our current society, the economical health of an engineering company is partly based on the effectiveness of its procedures. Finite element (FE) modeling is increasingly used in industry to design and optimize construction parts. FE simulations reduce cost and replace the trial and error phase of the past. Composite materials are more and more used in cars, airplanes, sporting goods and many other daily life products, since their use can be more effective. The FE simulation of the structural behavior of these constructions and products requires the knowledge of the elastic constants of the composite material. Standard tests to obtain the elastic material properties have proven their merits but also have disadvantages. They require skilled operators and are time consuming and expensive. To overcome these drawbacks, the department of materials and constructions of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel has developed a new material identification method called "the Resonalyser"
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StatusPublished - 2012
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