An Interdisciplinary Tutorial: A Self-Healing Soft Finger with Embedded Sensor

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In the field of soft robotics, knowledge of material science is becoming more and more important. However, many researchers have a background in only one of both domains. To aid the understanding of the other domain, this tutorial describes the complete process from polymer synthesis over fabrication to testing of a soft finger. Enough background is provided during the tutorial such that researchers from both fields can understand and sharpen their knowledge. Self-healing polymers are used in this tutorial, showing that these polymers that were once a specialty, have become accessible for broader use. The use of self-healing polymers allows soft robots to recover from fatal damage, as shown in this tutorial, which increases their lifespan significantly.

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StatusPublished - 10 jan 2023

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This research was funded by Fonds Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek via personal grants of E.R. (1S84120N), S.T. (1100416N) and J.B. (12W4719N) and via EU EIC Transition Open project SHINTO (101057960), EU Marie Curie ITN project SMART (860108), and EuROBIN (European ROBotics and AI Network) (101070596).

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