An updated adverse outcome pathway network for chemical-induced liver steatosis

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Adverse outcome pathways (AOP) are frameworks depicting existing
information on causal linkages (i.e., key event relationships (KER)) between measurable biological changes (i.e., key events (KE)) leading to an adverse outcome (AO). To better represent complex interactions within organisms, different AOPs sharing one or more KEs are brought together in an “AOP network”.
The aim of this research was to update the current AOP network on liver steatosis, with a focus on chemical-induced liver steatosis. Furthermore, to weigh the evidence between KEs, the updated AOP network was also assessed in accordance with the specific guidelines from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.
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StatusPublished - 2022
Evenement21st ESTIV Congress in Barcelona-Sitges - Barcelona-Sitges, Sitges, Spain
Duur: 21 nov 202225 nov 2022


Conference21st ESTIV Congress in Barcelona-Sitges


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