Analysis, Modeling and Implementation of Multi-Device Interleaved DC/DC Converter for Fuel Cell Hybrid Electric Vehicles

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Multiphase converter topologies have received an increasing interest in recent years for high performance applications. This paper proposes a novel multi-device interleaved boost converter (MDIBC) that interfaces the fuel cell to the powertrain of the hybrid electric vehicles. In this research, the multi-device structure with interleaved control is proposed to reduce the input current ripples, to reduce the output voltage ripples and to reduce the size of passive components with high efficiency compared with the other topologies. In addition, low EMI and low stress in the switches are expected. The proposed DC/DC converter is compared to the other converter topologies such as conventional boost converter (BC), multi-device boost converter (MDBC) and two-phase interleaved boost converter (IBC) to verify its dynamic performance. Furthermore, a generalized small-signal model is derived for these DC/DC converters, which has not been discussed earlier. A digital dual-loop control is designed to achieve the proper regulator for the converters with fast transient response. The DC/DC converter topologies and their controller are designed and investigated by using Matlab/Simulink. Finally, the proposed converter (MDIBC) is experimentally validated with results obtained from a 30-kW prototype that has been built and tested in our laboratory based on TMS320F2808 DSP. The simulation and experimental results have demonstrated that the proposed converter is more efficient than other DC/DC converter topologies to achieve high performance and reliability for high power DC/DC converters.
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TijdschriftIEEE Transaction on Power Electronics
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StatusPublished - 28 jun 2012


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