Another Look at Mathematical Style, as Inspired by Le Lionnais and the OuLiPo

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In this paper, we first briefly put the particular discussion into its wider context, sketching the contours of a new, or rather rejuvenated, direction in recent philosophy of mathematics. Then the notion of mathematical style is introduced as a good means of serving the purposes of that resurfacing perspective, and an overview of different interpretations is given. We further present our own suggestion for an alternative or complimentary look at mathematical style, as inspired by Le Lionnais, and we discuss the possibility for a comparison between mathematical and literary styles by looking at the above mentioned OuLiPo as a specific example
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TitelLogic, Reasoning and Rationality
RedacteurenErik Weber, Dietlinde Wouters, Joke Meheus
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StatusPublished - 2014

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Erik Weber, Dietlinde Wouters & Joke Meheus


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