Application of a distributed hydrological model (WetSpa) for simulation of soil moisture content

Mohsen Tavakoli, Florimond De Smedt

Onderzoeksoutput: Meeting abstract (Book)Research


Spatial and temporal variations in soil water content have important effects in different hydrological processes as flood forecasting, plant water availability, groundwater recharge, etc. This study investigates the ability of Water and Energy Transfer between Soil, Plant and Atmosphere (WetSpa) model for prediction of soil moisture in a catchment. WetSpa is applied on the Vermilion catchment, Illinois for which soil moisture was continuously monitored at a particular site. We used WetSpa in 3 cases: (1) the model was first calibrated for a 2 years period by comparing observed and simulated daily hydrographs, (2) the model was validated using 4 years daily data, and (3) soil moisture was simulated at the measuring site and compared to total observed soil water content in the 80 cm root zone. The model simulated daily stream flows with a Nash-Sutcliffe efficiency of 0.79 during calibration, and 0.73 for the validation period. The performance of the model to predict soil moisture was quantified by 3 statistical parameters, i.e. a mean absolute error of 26.8 mm, a root mean square error of 30.2 mm, and an index of agreement of 0.84. This shows that measured and simulated soil moisture are in a good accordance and model results are promising.
Originele taal-2English
Titel2nd international interdisciplinary conference on HydroPredict 2010, 20-23 September 2010, Prague, Czech Republic
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StatusPublished - 2010
EvenementUnknown - Stockholm, Sweden
Duur: 21 sep 200925 sep 2009




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