Arte e Crítica: José Rufino como fractais de memento

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José Rufino: Fortuna Crítica Selecionada: José Rufino is an award-winning, internationally known Brazilian artist. His works, which move through all artistic media, from sculpture, poetry, film, drawing and painting, aim to think about and remember that which is usually discarded as waste. He has participated in several exhibitions around the world, one of his main works being Blots & Figments, produced in partnership with the Alzheimer's Research Center of Pittsburgh and The Andy Warhol Museum. Correio das Artes. Jornal A União. Edição de Março 2021.
Vertaalde titel van de bijdrageArt and Critic: José Rufino as memento fractals
Originele taal-2Portuguese
Aantal pagina's3
TijdschriftCorreio das Artes
VolumeAno LXXI - n 13
StatusPublished - 28 mrt 2021


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