Assessing speed enforcement measures by analyzing multi sustainability criteria

Levi Vermote, Fredriek Van Malderen, Cathy Macharis, Koen Putman

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Sustainability assessment is generally used to identify unsustainable effects of policy measures, like ustainable transport policy strategies. Still, sustainability effects of road traffic safety policy measures are insufficiently studied. This paper will assess the sustainability of speed enforcement policy measures on
highways. A multicriteria evaluation framework, containing social, economic and environmental assessment criteria, evaluates different speed enforcement policy alternatives. The framework determines how the policy alternatives meet the criteria, ranking the policy alternatives according to their sustainability.
Results show that intelligent speed enforcement strategies are more sustainable than automatic and manned speed enforcement strategies. Multicriteria analyses are proved to be very useful for assessing sustainability. They provide compromise solutions for conflicting objectives.
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TitelUrban Transport XVII - Urban Transport and the Environment in the 21st Century
UitgeverijWIT Press
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StatusPublished - 2011

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NaamWIT Transactions on The Built Environment


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