Assessing the impact of CH4/H2 blends on the thermodynamic performance of aero-derivative gas turbine CHP configurations

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To attain a net zero-carbon emissions energy system, the grid needs dispatchable and flexible power production capable of responding to wind and solar energy variability. Hydrogen-fired gas turbines could play a role in meeting this requirement in the electricity grid; however, research and development are needed to assess the impact of the fuel change on these systems. This study aims to determine the effect of fuel switching on the cycle performance of a typical aero-derivative gas turbine, ranging from 25-35MW when combined with various steam-based bottoming cycles using Aspen Plus thermodynamic simulations. The gas turbine cycle’s efficiency and net output power increased by about 2.26% and 5.24%, respectively, when fueled with hydrogen for the constant TIT control strategy compared with the base case. The other two control strategies—constant TOT and heat input—are also positive. The performance of the combined heat and power configurations, expressed by the fuel charged to power, is better for almost all the hydrogen-fired cases compared with the methane case. This implies that using hydrogen as fuel in the gas turbine and duct-firing requires less fuel to produce heat and electricity. Although hydrogen integration into the overall system may pose challenges with auxiliary equipment, storage, supply, and combustion, hydrogen as fuel shows promise in improving the performance of gas turbine combined heat and power units.
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StatusPublished - 20 mei 2024

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