Purpose Frailty is highly prevalent in old age and confers high risk for falls, disability, hospitalization, and mortality. Although the exact cause of frailty is still to be elucidated, immuno-senescence has been implicated in the pathophysiology of the syndrome. Therefore, we investigated the relationship between senescent surface markers and the risk of frailty in community-dwelling older subjects. Methodology One hundred and seventy-five apparently healthy older individuals (82 females and 93 males, 79,9 to 98,5 years) who presented no active pathology were enrolled in this study. Pre-frailty was defined by using the Fried et al. criteria. The surface markers of senescence were determined by using flow cytometry. Results The overall prevalence of pre-frailty was 94 (53,7%). Pre-frail subjects were significantly older than robust individuals (p<0,001) and the prevalence of pre-frailty was greater in men than women (p=0,003). Pre-frailty was associated with increased CD8-/CD8+ ratio (p=0,026, unadjusted and p=0,034, adjusted for age and sex). There were no significant differences in the expression of senescent surface markers in pre-frail compared to robust when men and women were treated separately. Though the percentage of CD8+CD28-CD57+ correlated positively with age (r=0,214, p=0,004), age did not affect the relationship between senescent marker expression and the risk of pre-frailty. Conclusion Our results portray that pre-frailty depends on sex and age. Also, in accordance with another on the oldest old in Belgium - the BELFRAIL Study - high CD8-/CD8+ ratios 5/39 were associated with pre-frailty. Further investigation is necessary to shed more light into this observation.
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StatusPublished - 17 feb 2017
Evenement40ste wintermeeting 2017 van de belgische vereniging voor gerontologie en geriatrie - Kursaal, Ostend, Belgium
Duur: 17 feb 201718 feb 2017


Conference40ste wintermeeting 2017 van de belgische vereniging voor gerontologie en geriatrie

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