Basilar skulll fractures: the petrous bone.
Objectives: to provide suggestions for the management of three of the most dangerous or important lesions (internal carotid artery lesions, cerebrospinal fluid leaks and facial nerve paralysis) associated withe the petrous part of basilar skull fractures, thereby trying to assess categories of evidence and determine strenghts of recommondation.
Methodology: a PubMed-based literature review was carried out, as well as a consultation of online sources as encountered in the literature review. Also a non-systematic search of chapters of well-known books dealing with the subject of temporal bone traumata was conducted.
Results: specific levels of evidence and/or strenght of recommendation can be retrieved from the literature, but oly with repect tot the prophylactic use of antibiotics, the prescription of antithrombic medications and the indications for angiography.
Conclusion: the ample amount of available literature allows for soun management decisions, with reference made to algorithms when available in the literature. Nevertheless, for most of the management/search questions, categories of evidence and strength of recommandation arelow or lacking.
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StatusPublished - dec 2016


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