Bending crack behaviour of plain concrete beams externally reinforced with TRC

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This paper presents the experimental study
of concrete beams in bending, externally strengthened
with Textile Reinforced Cementitious materials
(TRC) with varying contact area with the concrete.
In order to study the pure influence of the TRC on the
concrete substrate, only non-internally-reinforced
concrete beams are considered. The crack pattern
evolution is monitored with Digital Image Correlation,
and the influence of the contact width between the
concrete substrate and the external reinforcement is
investigated. The results show that the TRC reinforcement
has an important crack bridging capacity, and
consequently that its application over the full beam
width is beneficial for the loadbearing capacity and the
limitation of the crack widths of the concrete beam.
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TijdschriftMaterials and Structures
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StatusPublished - 25 mrt 2016


  • external strengthening
  • textile reinforced cement
  • crack pattern
  • DIC
  • Bending
  • concrete beam


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