Bio-chemical Process Monitoring with Terahertz Sensor

Vladimir Matvejev, Yuchen Zhang, Serge Muyldermans, Dominique Maes, Johan Stiens

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Here, we demonstrate experimentally the potential of Terahertz radiation (TerMIR) to detect and diagnose Chemical Biological Radiation and Nuclear (CBRN) threads by monitoring bio-chemical processes, such as protein crystallization, antibody-protein binding, solid suspension homogeneity and other, using a state-of-the-art Terahertz sensor technology developed at ETRO-IR (VUB). The developed sensor technology comprises several sensor solutions that feature number of advantages: (1) possibility to fabricate a sensor that operates at any frequency between 10 GHz and 400 GHz (2) that can operate with liquid volumes from ranging from 1 nL to 100 mL (upper level is not limited) and (3) most importantly the sensor can be tuned to have the highest sensitivity for any liquid of interest with certain dielectric permittivity. Based on this sensor technology a number of instruments can be developed to detect hazards, monitor industrial processes and diagnostics in the field of chemical, biological, radiological and even nuclear domains.
Originele taal-2English
TitelNATO Advanced Research Workshop on THz Diagnostics of CBRN effects and Detection of Explosives & CBRN
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StatusPublished - 5 nov 2015
EvenementNATO Advanced Research Workshop on Detection of Explosives and CBRN (Using Terahertz) - Izmir, Turkey
Duur: 3 nov 20126 nov 2012


WorkshopNATO Advanced Research Workshop on Detection of Explosives and CBRN (Using Terahertz)
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