Bioenergetic Balance of Continuous Venovenous Hemofiltration, a Retrospective Analysis

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(1) Background: Nutrition therapy guided by indirect calorimetry (IC) is the gold standard and is associated with lower morbidity and mortality in critically ill patients. When performing IC during continuous venovenous hemofiltration (CVVH), the measured VCO2 should be corrected for the exchanged CO2 to calculate the 'true' Resting Energy Expenditure (REE). After the determination of the true REE, the caloric prescription should be adapted to the removal and addition of non-intentional calories due to citrate, glucose, and lactate in dialysis fluids to avoid over- and underfeeding. We aimed to evaluate this bioenergetic balance during CVVH and how nutrition therapy should be adapted. (2) Methods: This post hoc analysis evaluated citrate, glucose, and lactate exchange. Bioenergetic balances were calculated based on these values during three different CVVH settings: low dose with citrate, high dose with citrate, and low dose without citrate. The caloric load of these non-intentional calories during a CVVH-run was compared to the true REE. (3) Results: We included 19 CVVH-runs. The bioenergetic balance during the low dose with citrate was 498 ± 110 kcal/day (range 339 to 681 kcal/day) or 26 ± 9% (range 14 to 42%) of the true REE. During the high dose with citrate, it was 262 ± 222 kcal/day (range 56 to 262 kcal/day) or 17 ± 11% (range 7 to 32%) of the true REE. During the low dose without citrate, the bioenergetic balance was -189 ± 77 kcal/day (range -298 to -92 kcal/day) or -13 ± 8% (range -28 to -5%) of the true REE. (4) Conclusions: Different CVVH settings resulted in different bioenergetic balances ranging from -28% up to +42% of the true REE depending on the CVVH fluids chosen. When formulating a caloric prescription during CVVH, an individual approach considering the impact of these non-intentional calories is warranted.

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