Biological adaptation to Cultural Traits

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Recent work on the interaction between biological and cultural evolution has cast doubt on the effectiveness of the Baldwin effect in explaining cognitive adaptations to language, as culturally transmitted language changes too quickly for biological evolution. It has been argued (Thompson, Smith, & Kirby, 2012) that only minimal learning biases can evolve as minimal learning biases are amplified through cultural transmission, and therefore prevent stronger biases from evolving. Here it is shown that under certain circumstances, cognitive adaptations to learning a culturally changing system can evolve.
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TitelThe Evolution of Language
SubtitelProceedings of the Evolution of Language Conference (EVOLANG X)
RedacteurenErica A. Cartmill, Seán Roberts, Heidi Lyn, Hannah Cornish
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StatusPublished - 14 apr 2014
Evenement10th International Conference on the Evolution of Language, EVOLANG X - Vienna, Austria
Duur: 14 apr 201417 apr 2014


Conference10th International Conference on the Evolution of Language, EVOLANG X


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