Black-Box Modeling of Heat Transfer around Borehole Heat Exchangers

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Ground coupled heat pump (GCHP) systems provide an energy-efficient alternative to traditional air-conditioning systems for space heating and cooling. Heat is extracted from or injected into the ground through vertical borehole heat exchangers, which form a so-called borefield. The energy efficiency of the GCHP depends on the temperature of the fluid entering the GCHP at the borefield side. In other words, the temperature of the fluid coming out of the borehole influences the energy efficiency of the GCHP. Thus, the knowledge of this temperature is important to develop a control strategy that minimizes the energy consumption. That is why we aim to find an accurate model for the relation between the thermal (heating or cooling) load of the ground and this temperature.
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Titel32nd Benelux Meeting on Systems and Control, March 26-28, OL FOSSE D’OUTH, Houffalize, Belgium
StatusPublished - 26 mrt 2013
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