BACKGROUND: Metastasis of oligodendroglioma outside of the central nervous system (CNS) is a very rare event.

CASE: We describe in detail the clinical story of a 50-year-old woman diagnosed with profound pancytopenia and signs of extramedullary hematopoiesis caused by diffuse bone marrow replacement by a metastatic oligodendroglioma.

RESULTS: Upon development of pancytopenia, a diagnostic bone marrow examination revealed the presence of metastatic oligodendroglial cells. No others sites of malignant dissemination were found outside the CNS. Despite best supportive care, the patient died three weeks after diagnosis of myelophthisis.

CONCLUSION: Extracranial metastases from CNS oligodendroglioma are a very rare event but can be the cause of bone marrow failure.

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StatusPublished - aug 2016


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