Building a Circular Economy. Buildings, a Dynamic Environment

Waldo Galle, Camille Vandervaeren, Niels De Temmerman, Pieter Herthogs, Jeroen Poppe, Ineke Tavernier, Charlotte Cambier, Stijn Elsen, Wesley Lanckriet, Koen Verswijver (Illustrator)

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To create awareness and empower the construction sector in its transition towards an economy of closed material loops, this publication proposes a holistic framework. It is the result of a series of observations, interviews and co-creation sessions with different construction actors, including architects and contractors,
researchers and policy makers as well as building users and managers. Introducing buildings as a dynamic environment, this publication points out the challenges and opportunities for a circular built environment in Brussels and beyond.
Originele taal-2English
Plaats van productieBrussels
UitgeverijVrije Universiteit Brussel, VUB Architectural Engineering
Aantal pagina's63
ISBN van geprinte versie978-94-91912-16-0
StatusPublished - nov 2019


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