Cameron-Liebler line classes in AG(3,q)

Jonathan Mannaert, Leo Storme, Andrea Svob, Jozefien D'haeseleer

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The study of Cameron-Liebler line classes in PG(3,q) arose from classifying specific collineation subgroups of PG(3,q). Recently, these line classes were considered in new settings. In this point of view, we will generalize the concept of Cameron-Liebler line classes to AG(3,q). In this article we define Cameron-Liebler line classes using the constant intersection property towards line spreads. The interesting fact about this generalization is the link these line classes have with Cameron-Liebler line classes in PG(). Next to giving this link, we will also give some equivalent ways to consider Cameron-Liebler line classes in AG(3,q), some classification results and an example based on the example found in [3] and [6].
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TijdschriftFinite Fields and Their Applications
StatusPublished - okt 2020

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