Children with disabilities: targeted violence and hostility (FRANET)

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At the constitutional level, Article 22bis of the Belgian Constitution protects the rights of the child. In 2000, Article 22bis was amended to provide for the moral, physical, psychological and sexual integrity of children.

In addition, Articles 371 to 387bis of the Belgian Civil Code regulate parental authority. In particular, Article 371 provides that a child and his or her parents have to respect each other at any age. Violence against children with disabilities is mainly addressed under the Belgian criminal law framework. The Belgian Criminal Code (CC) considers violence against children with disabilities as an aggravating circumstance. This applies to crimes motivated by hatred, contempt or hostility against a person due to his or her disability.

There are several policies at the national and regional levels regarding the protection of the rights of children, as described further below. No specific policy framework exists, however, on violence against children with disabilities.
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StatusPublished - 1 aug 2013


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