Chiral strings, topological branes, and a generalised Weyl-invariance

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We introduce a sigma model Lagrangian generalising a number of new and old models which can be thought of as chiral, including the Schild string, ambitwistor strings, and the recently introduced tensionless AdS twistor strings. This "chiral sigma model" describes maps from a p-brane worldvolume into a symplectic space and is manifestly invariant under diffeomorphisms as well as under a "generalised Weyl invariance" acting on space-time coordinates and worldvolume fields simultaneously. Construction of the Batalin-Vilkovisky master action leads to a BRST operator under which the gauge-fixed action is BRST-exact; we discuss whether this implies that the chiral brane sigma model defines a topological field theory.

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StatusPublished - 4 mrt 2019

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