Cristiano IV di Danimarca-Norvegia (r. 1588-1648): potere navale e diplomazia nell’Europa del Nord

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During the reign of Christian IV Oldenburg (1588-1648), the Kingdom
of Denmark-Norway reached the height of its influence in Northern Europe.
Thanks to an impressive fleet, in the first part of the reign, the king reaffirmed
Danish supremacy over the Baltic Sea (dominium maris Baltici) and supported
Norwegian claims on the waters between the Scandinavian Peninsula and Iceland.
However, by intervening in the Thirty Years’ War in 1625, the ambitious ruler
fell prey to erroneous diplomatic and geopolitical choices, which jeopardized
the very existence of the Kingdom of Denmark-Norway. Although Christian
IV remains arguably the most iconic Danish monarch, his legacy is open to
conflicting assessments: on the one hand, he brought the Dane-Norwegian state
to the pinnacle of its prestige; on the other, his actions triggered the subsequent
decline of Denmark and the rise of the Swedish Empire.
Vertaalde titel van de bijdrageChristian IV of Denmark-Norway (r. 1588-1648): Naval power and diplomacy in Northern Europe
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