This paper investigates the use of co-creation in transport and mobility research. Based on the review of 5 on-going research projects and 5 papers in this field of research, we find that the term co-creation is used interchangeably with terms such as co-design and co-production. Moreover, co-creation is used as an innovation approach as well as a design method, and can focus on the process as well as the outcome. Rather than being a new method or approach, we propose a definition of co-creation that defines it as a form of public participation. This public participation 2.0 uses creative methods, emphasises innovation, and is situated on the highest rungs of Arnstein’s ladder of participation. Future research should focus on the output of co-creation in order to investigate the added value of applying co-creation in transport planning.
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TitelTowards User-Centric Transport in Europe 2
SubtitelEnablers of Inclusive, Seamless and Sustainable Mobility
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StatusPublished - 6 feb 2020


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