Collibra NV/SA spinoff

Robert Meersman (Uitvinder)

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Collibra NV/SA is a commercial spin-off from the Semantic Technology and Application Research Lab (STARLab) from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, which under leadership of Prof. Dr. Robert Meersman has been researching semantic technology for over 10 years. Their goal is to answer the question: How can you best leverage the power of semantic technology while working with the legacy that enterprises are confronted with? They do not propose to throw out the existing relational databases to replace them with so-called "knowledge bases". Instead, its semantic technology leverages what already exists to deliver the power of semantics.

In today's business ecosystems, information is a competitive and strategic asset. Having access to the right information at the right time and in the right context is at the top of the priority list of many organizations. However, access to information implies that this information must be shared to begin with. Given today's technologies, there is a large discrepancy between information sharing between people (knowledge sharing) and information sharing between computer systems (data exchange).

Collibra states that closing the gap between the business/social layer and the technical/operational layer of an organization creates a tremendous amount of potential value, both now and in the future. Collibra coined the term "semantic alignment" as the necessary approach to close this gap and remove the source of discrepancy. In concrete terms, use Business Semantics Management for information like Business Process Management is used for processes.

Organizations indeed are increasingly required to achieve greater levels of productivity and agility, and to simply make the organization more effective. A key factor in achieving this goal is to make the information assets in the organization as clear as possible. Instead of having (sometimes hundreds) of legacy information silos that are hardly understood by even its own IT people, let alone by business itself. It is crucial that all stakeholders really understand where the information resides, what it looks like, and especially what it means: in other words, the semantics of these information assets. Collibra's Business Semantic Management technology enables all stakeholders (IT and Business) to understand all information assets and leverage them for operational efficiency.
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StatusPublished - 1970


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