Combined search for anomalous pseudoscalar HVV couplings in production and H → VV decay

CMS Collaboration, Shimaa Abu Zeid, Freya Blekman, Jorgen D'Hondt, Isabelle Helena De Bruyn, Kevin Deroover, Steven Lowette, Seth Moortgat, Lieselotte Moreels, Annik Olbrechts, Quentin Python, Stefaan Tavernier, Walter Van Doninck, Petra Van Mulders, Isis Marina Van Parijs, Derek Strom, Natalie Heracleous, James Keaveney

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A search for anomalous pseudoscalar couplings of the Higgs boson H to electroweak vector bosons V ( or Z) in a sample of proton–proton collision events corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 18.9 fb−1 at a center-of-mass energy of 8 TeV is presented. Events consistent with the topology of associated production, where the Higgs boson decays to a pair of bottom quarks and the vector boson decays leptonically, are analyzed. The consistency of data with a potential pseudoscalar contribution to the interaction, expressed by the effective pseudoscalar cross section fractions , is assessed by means of profile likelihood scans. Results are given for the channels alone and for a combined analysis of the and previously published channels. Under certain assumptions, is excluded at 95% confidence level in the combination. Scenarios in which these assumptions are relaxed are also considered.
Originele taal-2English
Pagina's (van-tot)672-696
TijdschriftPhysics Letters B
StatusPublished - 10 aug 2016


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