Communication in Intensive Care - Belgian Experience

Luc Huyghens, D Biarent, P. Damas

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Communication in Intensive Care - Belgian Experience

Authors : D Biarent, L Bossaert, R De Jongh, M Laurent, P Reper, Y Somers,
M Slingemeyer, L Huyghens

Introduction: In Belgium, in 1999, a Royal Decree was published to promote quality of intra-hospital care by creating Colleges of Physicians. The College of Intensive Care Physicians completed a quality cycle on communication in Belgian Intensive Care Units.
Methods: During 2003-2004 an extended query, on voluntary basis, was directed to 134 ICU directors, out of which fields of possible changes were defined.
During 2006-2007 a simplified query, on voluntary basis, was mailed to 623 ICU physicians, out of which recommendations to improve communication, were formulated.
Results: Elaborated data are available on
39 of 134 (28,3%) ICU directors, representing 637 ICU beds completed the extended query.
Possible changes were defined with regard to family presents during procedures and resuscitation, duration of visit, possibility to stay with the patient, visit of youngest children, bad news delivery modalities and teaching, architecture limiting confidentiality and psychological support. 147 ICU physicians completed the simplified query. Main findings were: psychological support for family (59,86%) and team (27,89%) ; post-resuscitation debriefing (31,97%), identification of dedicated HCP (59,86%), use of (90,48%) and written (96,60%) DNR-orders.
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TijdschriftIntensive Care Medicine
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StatusPublished - 2007


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