Comparison of Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA)-Derived Parameters in Healthy Volunteers and Critically Ill Patients

Robbert Cleymaet, Marvin D'Dhondt, Thomas Scheinok, Luca Malbrain, Inneke De Laet, Karen Schoonheydt, Hilde Dits, Niels van Regenmortel, Michaël Maurits M Mekeirele, Colin Cordemans, Andrea Minini, Paula Severgnini, Wojciech Dabrowski, Adrian View Kim Wong, Manu L.N.G. Malbrain

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Objective: To compare bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA)-derived parameters in healthy volunteers and critically ill patients and to assess its prognostic value in an ICU patient cohort. Design: Retrospective, observational data analysis. Setting: Single centre, tertiary-level ICU (Ziekenhuis Netwerk Antwerpen, ZNA Stuivenberg Hospital). Patients: 101 patients and 101 healthy subjects, participants of International Fluid Academy Days. Measurements and main results: Compared to healthy volunteers, both male and female ICU patients had significantly higher values for total body water (TBW), extracellular water (ECW), extracellular fluid (ECF), plasma, and interstitial fluid volumes. The phase angle was significantly lower and the malnutrition index was significantly higher in ICU patients, regardless of gender. Non-survivors in the ICU had significantly higher extracellular water content (ECW, 50.7 ± 5.1 vs. 48.9 ± 4.3%, p = 0.047) and accordingly significantly lower intracellular water (ICW, 49.2 ± 5.1 vs. 51.1 ± 4.3%, p = 0.047). The malnutrition index was also significantly higher in non-survivors compared to survivors (0.94 ± 0.17 vs. 0.87 ± 0.16, p = 0.048), as was the capillary leak index (ECW/ICW). Conclusions: Compared to healthy volunteers, this study observed a higher malnutrition index and TBW in ICU patients with an accumulation of fluids in the extracellular compartment. ICU non-survivors showed similar results, indicating that ICU patients and a fortiori non-survivors are generally overhydrated, with increased TBW and ECW, and more undernourished, as indicated by a higher malnutrition index.
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StatusPublished - 23 dec 2023

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