Complexe Adaptieve Steden: een platform voor zelforganisatie

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A city is a complex, adaptive system: it consists of interacting components or “agents” (eg persons, cars, companies ...) that continuously adapt to each other and to their environment. As a result, they become increasingly coordinated, so that the system organizes itself. This is how cities have developed historically. However, modern approaches emphasize centralized planning, in which a designer, mayor, or computer system determines which agent goes where or has to do what. Such a top-down approach ignores the intrinsic unpredictability and uncontrollability of complex systems. In contrast, we demonstrate the power of bottom-up self-organization. We illustrate this with various applications in traffic, public transport, spatial planning and services, in which objects, people and software adapt to each other and thus develop synergistic solutions for typical urban problems. The underlying principle is stigmergy: agents leave traces of their activities in a shared medium. These traces indicate where the most important needs and resources are located, so that the one can efficiently link to the other. Such a medium can be realized as a participatory ICT platform, which links virtual representations to real situations and material resources, and which stimulates both citizens and government to effectively use and adjust each other's supply and demand. We conclude with some advice for running a city through “guided self-organization” rather than central planning.
Vertaalde titel van de bijdrageComplex Adaptive Cities: a platform for self-organization
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TitelDe humane stad
Subtitel30 voorstellen voor een stad op mensenmaat
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StatusPublished - 2017


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