Compliance to antihypertensive and antidiabetic medications

Joyce GYPENS, F. Wirth, Lilian Azzopardi, Stephane Steurbaut, S. Fava

Onderzoeksoutput: Conference paper


Background and Objective: Good pharmacological compliance is important
in the management of hypertension and diabetes mellitus to maintain optimal
. blood pressure and metabolic control, reducing risk of complications. The objective
of this study was to evaluate compliance to antihypertensive and
antidiabetic medications.
Setting and Method: Four-week study at Diabetes and Endocrine Centre,
MOH. Patients recruited were asked to complete a self-administered questionnaire,
including 7 'Yes and No' questions and 1 'multiple choice' question on
pharmacological compliance ('Morisky test'). Each question was given a score
of 1 or 0, depending on the question. A total score of 0 was classified as 'high;
1-2 'medium' and> 2 'low' compliance.
Main outcome measures: Categorisation of patients into 'high; 'medium' or
'low' medication compliance score .
Results:125 patients participated; 55% were male, most (49%) were between
50 and 59 years, most (41%) had a primary education, the majority (52%) were
retired and 87% did not live alone. A 'high' compliance score was obtained by
43% of patients, while 31% and 26% obtained a 'medium' and 'low' compliance
score respectively. 98% of patients claimed to have taken all their
medications the day before the questionnaire was distributed. 70% of patients
said that they do not frequently forget to take their medications, 82% said that
over the previous 2 weeks they did not miss any medication doses, 92% of
patients never stopped their medication without consulting their physician
even when they felt worse, 85% of patients do not forget to take their medications
with them when travelling or going to work and 74% of patients do not
feel stressed to comply with their treatment plan.
Conclusions:This study showed that most patients showed a 'high' pharmacological
compliance. Systems to identify the 'medium' and 'low 'compliers
should be adopted so that pharmacists in this setting could support patients
to improve compliance.
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Titel42nd ESCP Symposium on Clinical Pharmacy, Prague, Czech Republic
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StatusPublished - 16 okt 2013
EvenementUnknown - Prague, Czech Republic
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