Compulsive buying: Can we identify compulsive shoppers based on their personality?

Kalina Mikolajczak-Degrauwe, Malaika Brengman

Onderzoeksoutput: Other scientific journal contribution


Compulsive buying - a repetitive uncontrollable urge to buy products - represents a deviant form of consumer behavior that affects 6 to 8% of consumers. Previous research indicates that some specific personality traits relate to the compulsive buying tendency of shoppers (including anxiety, materialism, low self-esteem, state of depression and impulsiveness). In this study we investigate what Big Five personality traits make shoppers more vulnerable to compulsive buying. To this end we conducted a survey among 1520 Flemish consumers. The prevalence of compulsive shopping in Flanders will also be discussed.
Originele taal-2English
TijdschriftVUB PhD Research Day
Nummer van het tijdschriftBrussels
StatusPublished - 28 mei 2010


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