Constructing Europe after Utrecht (1713-1740)

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In this paper, I put the definition of Europe in a legal historian's perspective. Not as much as a spatial entity or a temporary institutional construction, but as an arena of political exchanges with legal arguments. The toolbox of diplomacy in the early 18th century reflected the common European legal heritage. Defining political issues in private, public law or law of nations terms allowed for a continuous intellectual conversation. In my view, this is more representative of European political culture than institutional unification from above.
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StatusUnpublished - 14 sep 2016
EvenementImag(in)ing Europe: Perspectives on a Contested Continent, 800-2000 - Utrecht University, Utrecht, Netherlands
Duur: 14 sep 201616 sep 2016


ConferenceImag(in)ing Europe: Perspectives on a Contested Continent, 800-2000


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