Contemporary High Seas Fisheries Law

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    This contribution has three parts. In part one Prof. Erik Franckx looks at the contemporary high seas fisheries law from a general prespective, based on a study which he just prepared for the Legal Office of the Food and Agriculture Organisation, Rome, Italy (Franckx, E., 2001. Fisheries Enforcement. Related Legal and Institutional Issues: National, Subregional or Regional Perspectives. Food and Agriculture Organization, Rome, 180 pp. As available on internet at ). In this part the concept of regional fishery organization is focused upon. In part two Drs. Cédric Van Assche highlights some prgressive national approaches towards the regulation of hiegh seas fisheries. Australia and New Zealand are taken as examples and especially issues such as reporting, boarding and inspection, powers of authorised officers, prsecution procedures and the sanctions for illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing are considered. In part three both authors attempt to draw some common conclusions.
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    TitelContemporary Regulation of Marine Living Resources and Pollution (Essays written by and in honour of the International Francqui Chairholder Professor Dermott Devine)
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