Cost effective LED-based multi-spot projection system for medical 3D volume measurement systems

Thomas Kampfe, Shamus Husheer, Michael Vervaeke, Mathias Heckele, Isabelle Verrier, Yves Jourlin

Onderzoeksoutput: Conference paper


This paper presents a multi spot projection unit, used in a 3D volume measurement system employed in a heart failure monitoring device, observing the volume of a patient's feet for symptoms of heart problems (peripheral edema-swelling of the extremities). The stereoscopic image acquisition requires a surface with enough optically detectable texture, usually not present on human skin, which can be resolved by projecting an infrared, static multi-spot optical pattern. The focus of this paper is on creating a very cost-effective, energy efficient, eye-safe projection system, realizing a strongly divergent (up to ±60°) spot pattern, using infrared LEDs and mass fabricable micro-optical elements. Two different setup were tested: A) an LED array combined with a microlens array, and b) a combination of a single LED with a microlens array and a computer generated hologram (CGH) that adds a pseudo-random spot multiplication. For approach a) the microlens array was optimized by ray-tracing. The CGH function for approach b) was found using a wave optical design algorithm (iterative Fourier-Transform Algorithm-IFTA). The micro-lens array master was fabricated by diamondturning, whereas electron-beam lithography was employed for the CGH-master. Both masters were replicated using hotembossing of PMMA. Installed in a prototype of the medical measurement device, the influence on the 3D reconstruction was measured. The proposed solutions allow installing a competitively priced product for automatic peripheral edema monitoring in chronically ill patient homes, which is of great interest for improving their quality of life and the efficiency of their treatment.

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TitelOptical Sensing and Detection V
RedacteurenFrancis Berghmans, Anna G. Mignani
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ISBN van elektronische versie9781510618862
StatusPublished - 2018
EvenementOptical Sensing and Detection V - Strasbourg, Strasbourg, Belgium
Duur: 22 apr 201826 apr 2018

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NaamProceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering


ConferenceOptical Sensing and Detection V


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