Coupling a sub-THz liquid sensor for online microfluidic sensing

Salomao Moraes Da Silva, Johan Stiens, jacobus Swart, Yuchen Zhang, Vladimir Matvejev, Cathleen De Tandt

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This paper reports on the performance of a sub-THz liquid sensor tool
coupled to a microfluidic system. Non-invasive, non-destructive and on line
measurements are demonstrated for the determination of methanol, ethanol and
biomolecule concentrations and for controlling microfluidic devices. Techniques to characterize liquids are of fundamental importance for chemistry and life sciences [1][2]. The frequency 10^10 to 10^13 Hz range allows sensors for such interrogation in a label-free manner through electromagnetic measurements of small permittivity changes. We have developed a chemical sensing methodology that integrates subterahertz sensor technology into microfluidic devices fabricated on silicon, glass and polydimethylsiloxane.
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StatusPublished - 23 feb 2017
EvenementURSI FORUM - Brussels, Belgium
Duur: 16 feb 201716 feb 2017


ConferenceURSI FORUM
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