Multi-actor multi-criteria analysis is a group decision-making framework that allows multiple stakeholder groups to be involved in the decision-making process, facilitating the understanding of the points of consensus and conflict among the stakeholder groups. Carefully selecting suitable criteria is important as they illustrate the possibly divergent priorities of the respective stakeholder group, and overlooking important criteria can lead to erroneous outcomes. Furthermore, the number of criteria needs specific consideration, as a too large number poses problems for human cognition, but a too small number inaccurately represents the stakeholder's interest. In stakeholder groups with many members, such as those representing citizens, defining a criteria set is likely to be even more complicated. Currently, there is no formal guideline to assist facilitators in defining these criteria sets. In this paper, we propose a novel framework for criteria preprocessing with stakeholder involvement that includes a guideline for firstly selecting criteria into a tentative list and secondly selecting the final criteria set. It provides a procedure on how to determine criteria considering the priorities of stakeholder groups with regard to the context. As a final step, we propose a mathematical model for selecting a number of criteria that are both cognitively manageable and representative for the participants' priorities. Based on the principles of the Pareto analysis, as well as the cognitive judgment theory “magic number seven plus or minus two”, a recommendation list of the criteria is generated. It prevents key criteria from being omitted while at the same time limiting the overall number of criteria. This framework is applied to a social decision-making case for construction logistics, and the results are compared with the conventional approach of criteria definition.
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This research is part of the MIMIC project with number 438.15.403 under the JPI Urban Europe research programme. The project receives funding from the European Union, the Brussels‐Capital Region—Innoviris. The authors thank the participants for providing the data used in this study. The authors thank Alexandre Thys and Rodrigue Kazzi for providing useful suggestions. The authors would also like to thank anonymous reviewers for taking the time and effort necessary to review the manuscript.

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